Kermit On Tour

We’re taking Kermit On Tour! You  might have seen our Facebook posts or our new Kermit on Tour Instagram (follow here)

For those of you that don’t know, Mark’s nickname was Kermit. He gained this when he was fifteen and he turned up to play cricket in the signature Kermit green t-shirt – It stuck for the rest of his life!

We decided to take Kermit on Tour as another positive and uplifting way to carry on with Mark’s memory and it opens up another opportunity to tell his story and let people know it’s okay to talk.

Most recently Claire Davis has taken Kermit on Tour – She takes a picture and we share it on our Facebook and Instagram. It’s designed to make you laugh and in some way include Mark in our new way of making memories for him.

If you want to take Kermit on Tour please get in touch on our Facebook page or send us an email to

He will come with some cards detailing all of the above for you to drop in the locations that you take him!