Our Story

In August 2015 we were given a cheque by Brian Powell after the first of his now annual Skittlethons. Kate, Bomber, Jayme, Arron and Laura were discussing where to send the cheque… Winston’s Wish for bereaved Children or SOBS who provide crucial support for families bereaved by suicide.

But we found with charities on a larger scale our money would have gone to paying a wage rather going straight into making a difference.

After a lot of discussions and many cups of tea we decided that we were going to start our own charity. This way we would get to create a legacy for Mark and see the direct benefit of the money that we would so lovingly raise in the future.

In November 2015, one year after Mark passed away, we founded The Mark Townsend Charitable Trust.

TMTCT began with  Mark’s brothers, Bomber and Pete, his Sister in Law, Kate. Mark’s nieces and nephew, Jayme, Laura and Arron. Then we added some of our (and Mark’s) favourite people, Shane Ludlow, Dan Sharpe and Sam Powell.

This year we are feeling incredibly lucky to be celebrating our fourth year together. Our team has made over 159 donations and raised awareness for Mental Health.